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Gallotti&Radice at Tiamantti | Shanghai

We are pleased to announce the launch of Gallotti&Radice "Shop in Shop” at luxury furniture mall Tiamantti in Shanghai. Located on the 4th floor, the 150m² display space is part of the newly launched Tiamantti Collection. 
The Grand Opening of Tiamantti Collection was held on Monday 27th of Novembe where Gallotti&Radice was officially presented among other Internationally renowned furniture brands.
The “Shop in Shop” showcases the best-selling and most representative products of the collection, offering a seamlessly and authentic experience of the company distinctive style and captivating aesthetic. 
The positive feedback received, both at Salone del Mobile Milano.Shanghai and at the luxury furniture boutique mall is a clear indicator of the company’s strength and increasing presence in the International market.

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