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Homescapes, intimate portraits

Two Milanese houses with strong identities tell a story through the images of domestic settings, united by the uniqueness of the Gallotti & Radice collection.Intimate portraits that express themselves with the personification of spaces, whose inner soul reveals a dimension of introspective charm: Intimate Journey and Intimate Vibes.
Suggestions and emotions captured in images which outline a personal dimension of contemporary living.

INTIMATE PORTRAITS A house, or rather the house, rediscovers its honest essence and identifies itself with the people who live there.Through stories translated into images, spaces take on an identity thanks to those who choose to inhabit them, making them their own. At the center of the story is the city of Milan, a metropolitan symbol of change and exchange, modernity and history at the same time. 

Two residences set apart by precise elements, in which the essences of the marble, brass and crystal glass collection draw together a clear aesthetic that reveals a story made of subtle refined contrasts and marks the time of those who live there every day. 

INTIMATE JOURNEY Ambienti dai toni decisi, scaldati da dettagli in noce e resi distintivi grazie a rivestimenti contemporanei, che si abbinano con eleganza ad elementi materici e lavorazioni artigianali rivisitate. Una casa giovane, dinamica, un viaggio che parla di contaminazioni senza confini.

INTIMATE VIBES La luce irradia gli spazi e le stanze si aprono all’esterno rivelando un panorama di assoluta raffinatezza, valorizzata da finiture e tessuti dai toni delicati in contrapposizione con metalli scultorei. Una casa accogliente e vibrante che racconta di un equilibrio sospeso tra stile e passione.

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