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Geometry of lines and material contrasts

An elegant look at the brand's iconic products accompanied by the new proposals, which enrich the dining area with a contemporary touch and character. The refinement of the colour nuances frames the essentiality of the materials and geometries.

A piece of design is born from the balance between the vision of a designer and the skill of a company that works according to the principles of craftsmanship like Gastone, a new sideboard designed by Carlo Colombo. Rigorous aesthetics that elevates space with versatility and class, adapting to any environment thanks to a variety of finishes, different versions and interior fittings. Made of glossy lacquered wood available in the colours "Grigio Londra", "Nero Giza", "Bianco Camargue", "Verde Provenza", "Blu Pacifico", "Bordeaux Etruria"or "Rosa Jaipur", it can be embellished with tops in Travertino Romano marble, Ceppo di Gré®or extralight crystal. 

A strong and decisive dining, with a unique and magnetic style able to adapt to every trend, thanks to a versatile yet distinctive language.

The strength of the materials

The star is the Clemo-T table, designed by Massimo Castagna, a pure celebration of Ceppo di Gré, an exclusive grey-blue natural stone quarried in the village of Gré, on the slopes of Mount Clemo, on the north-western shore of Lake Iseo. The simple shape enhances the ornamental stone in an extraordinary way, which is further highlighted by the iconic 0414 chairs, designed by Studio G&R, a sophisticated, retro design that adds personality to the environment.

The decorative lighting, designed by Massimo Castagna, is characterised by a subtle interweaving of lines to create a refined, light silhouette. The burnished brass creates a graphic, contrasting sign that exalts the space.
A timeless classic is the Riki trolley, signed by founder Pierangelo Gallotti, an absolute celebration of the material glass, an emblem of the company's history. Available in transparent crystal, extralight or back-painted in the colours of the sample box in a shiny or satin finish, it is enclosed by a chrome-plated brass frame (polished or satin-finished brass on request). 

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