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Glass Week 2023

The Milan flagship store took part in the Glass Week 2023 event, the most important national event dedicated to glass which held from 4 to 10 September 2023 in Milan.

A week of events spread throughout the city to keep the spotlight on glass and to raise awareness of the incredible characteristics of this very special material, with particular attention to the great contribution it can make in terms of eco-sustainability

Protagonists of the space in Via Cavallotti n.16, some historical pieces of the brand alongside the latest novelties of the 2023 collection, including the single-material Re-verre tables made of recycled glass powder. 

In the foreground Reflected Identities, a Limited Edition mirror created by the Swiss artist Simon Berger, capable with his hammer of canceling the boundaries between the work of art and the reflected image, in a suspended time made of lights and shadows, solids and voids.

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