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Lilas Bed - Linear in shape and essential in style

Lilas Bed, the new bed by Dainelli Studio, emphasises elegance within the sleeping area thanks to the proportion of its volumes and the refinement of its soft, linear shapes.
An essential and at the same time distinctive bed, available with removable covers in fabric or leather in the colours of the sample box. Capable of creating a cosy and refined atmosphere, which amplifies the feeling of lightness and pleasantness. A modern bed where dreams can come to life.

Stami Collection - Minimal and feminine in design

The refined ambience is enhanced by the Stami collection, designed by Studiopepe for the brand. All pieces bear the same aesthetic stylistic theme, which takes its inspiration from the balance and harmonious movements found in the natural world. At the centre are sinuous lines and attention to handcrafted details. Curved ashwood stained black open pore, brass details and soft leather or suede upholstery are the hallmarks.

The Vanity is a true homage to femininity, celebrated through a contemporary reinterpretation ofthe classic bedroom toèlet. A furnishing accessory dedicated to self-care, with the possibility of beingcustomised with a mirror and side drawers, to make the bedroom a place to feel good.

The Stami Night, night table, embellished with a graceful drawer, becomes a guardian of secrets and personal objects. An essential detail that captivates with its aesthetics and functionality.

Perfect as a bedside bench, Stami Bench is wrapped in luxurious leather or fabric and distinguished byvisible stitching, a sign of careful craftsmanship.

It is precisely the impeccable curves of the structure that make the Stami Collection recognisable and perfect,  
strikingly recalling the veins of the leaves and the graft points of the stems.

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