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Marcello Pozzi

Italian architect Marcello Pozzi is the founder and principal of MLLO Architecture & Design.
MLLO is a progressive award-winning practice that spans architecture, interior and industrial design, based in Los Angeles, California. 

Marcello Pozzi believes architecture and design need to be expressions of our time. He finds inspiration in the contradictions of modern life. His designs spring from the paradoxes of the Los Angeles avant-garde as well as the simplicity of rational and radical design culture. 
In Italy, he grew up surrounded by design in the carpentry factory of his father where he learned to see architecture through the fragments of any type of construction. Pozzi sees beauty in structural expression, juxtaposition of simple forms, sincerity of material, and contrast of finishes.

His projects range from public, commercial, and residential architecture to household objects and furniture. 
Marcello Pozzi’ s architecture and design work has been published in several magazines around the world.

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