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Luce Solida by Pietro Russo


On the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2018, Gallotti&Radice presents  "LuceSolida" an artistic performance, created exclusively for the occasion by the designer and artist Pietro Russo. "LuceSolida" represents the materiality of light and plays in contrast with the shadows to reveal -  and sometimes hide - the atmosphere and its surroundings: the performance starts with a scenographic set-up that stages the company's latest novelties and iconic pieces. 

Thanks to the skilful mastery and the visionary creative power of Pietro Russo, furniture will take life in dialogue with the real, losing its function for a moment, to exist in the service of a new metaphysics.

Faced with this dream vision, the viewer will feel poetic disorientation: the lights and shadows, the space and the objects in it will become mouldable elements, able to create movement and enhance the environment that hosts them.

Visitors will be welcomed within the space upon registering in advance. 
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