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Art meets design

A new and unprecedented installation by Swiss artist Simon Berger celebrates a fragility that is only apparent as the result of a figurative perception that elevates glass to a work of art. In his hands, the hammer is not a tool of destruction but an amplifier of identity perspectives. A personal interpretation of the artist who has once again succeeded in his intent to contaminate Gallotti&Radice's design with his art, after the success of the last edition that featured the "Unbreakable Identities" table at its center.  A world suspended between art and design: etched glass and mirrors come alive through games of perspective and material reflections paying homage to the feminine universe.

The boundaries between the work of art and the reflected image are cancelled in a suspended time made of light and shadow, fullness and emptiness. The mirror is transformed into a "living canvas," which returns the image of a double soul: the reflection of a real identity in connection with the expressive power of feminine elegance maximum manifestation of the artist's essence.

Gallotti&Radice's ability to experiment and innovate has been able to transport this wonderful technique to the top of a table that becomes the keeper of a story revolving around the feminine universe. A limited edition of exclusive pieces aimed dedicated to all art lovers.

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