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The new Gallotti&Radice collection is a celebration of the sensory richness of materiality, where each piece is carefully shaped through a meticulous approach to working with materials, reflecting a dedication to the authenticity of artisanal processes. Immersed in a color palette inspired by nature, the neutral tones of the products convey a sense of serenity and harmony, inviting dialogue with their surroundings.

The sophisticated Stami collection, designed by Studiopepe, expands with a new element: the Stami Sofa available in fabric and leather, which is also available in the modular version Stami Sofa Plus. The aesthetic styling, which, as the name suggests, draws inspiration from the sinuous movement of curves found in nature, connotes and embellishes the entire product family.

It is distinguished by an elegant base in curved black open pore stained ash base, available opaque lacquered wooden version in the colours: “Rosso Persia”, “Grigio Londra”, “Nero Giza”, "Bianco Camargue", "Verde Provenza", "Blu Pacifico","Bordeaux Etruria", "Rosa Jaipur" and "Sabbia del Nilo". The sofa, embellished with precious bright brass details, has a removable cover in the fabric version.

A balance of shapes and materials can be found in the groupage of coffee tables consisting of: Chantal by Studio G&R in new shades and sizes, Sensei by Tollgard+Castellani, with a new circular element and Selce by Studiopepe, a celebration of the most authentic and purest stone.

The refinement of the room is enhanced by Pietro Russo's new Hide&Seek Mini  in the unprecedented Sabbia del Nilo finish, featuring a swivel cylinder and a glossy or matte lacquered wood shelf, which is ideal in multiple settings, from living areas to intimate spaces thanks to its versatility, complementing home furnishings by mixing practicality and design.

Each piece in the new collection tells a story: care in the choice of materials and craftsmanship are reflected in products that not only furnish but also communicate, excite and transform spaces into unique sensory experiences.

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