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Simpòdio | Simpòdio System

Designed by Pinuccio Borgonovo to combine functionality and aesthetics.A table designed to enhance and customize any environment, thanks to a wide selection of solutions in order to meet contemporary needs. 

In botany, Simpòdio represents the main axis of plants, actually formed by the set of lateral branches, which with regular rhythm replace, in the growth in length of the plant, the true main axis.

The character of the table is expressed through a play of contrasts that oscillate between the lightness of the crystal top, emblem of the brand's DNA, the statuesqueness of the concrete legs and the purity of the metal frame.
Entirely handmade in every part, it is the result of craftsmanship applied to the three materials that compose it, elements that are conceptually at odds with each other achieve a perfect balance in the overall synthesis.

The materiality of the structure emerges through the 12 mm tempered glass top, becoming the hallmark of the project. The legs, geometric monoliths made of lightened concrete agglomerate and powders in ivory and charcoal colors, are grafted into the gunmetal lacquered metal ribbing that, like a stylized design, winds through the central part. The edge of the top is finished by a polished wire grinding,which encloses the perimeter and emphasizes its different geometries: round, rectangular and oval in extralight or "grigio Italia" finishes. 

A table capable of characterizing spaces and imposing itself by its organic harmony.
The winning feature is modularity: the project aims to identify a modular system that allows the development of tables with different shapes and sizes, standard or macro, to meet the ever-increasing demands for customization in interior design for both home and office. 

At the center is the possibility of playing with the top finishes, which in the Simpòdio System version include as variants in addition to extralight or "grigio Italia" crystal, painted crystal in antique bronze or lead finishes. 

Simpòdio | Simpòdio System stands out for its essential, yet strong and decisive design, suspended in a dimension of absolute fluidity that focuses on the search for an authentic sign.

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