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The living, beating heart of the modern home

Perfect balance of style and elegance for contemporary living: Gallotti&Radice collection is equilibrium of shapes, materials, craftmanship and experimentation, with a strong heritage in the true essence of Made in Italy

An unconventional home that is true only to itself, a change of scenery and expectations that meets and offers different perspectives, living in a dimension of absolute lightness and fluidity that focuses on the search for an authentic essence, made of things that represent us and that can last a lifetime.

Minimal e contemporary

Refined contrasts inhabit the living area, where woods, marble, brass and fabrics design a precise aesthetic and mark the time of those who live in the Gallotti&Radice home on a daily basis.
The living room has always been the focal point of the living space, where the sofa is the essential element, surrounded by armchairs, coffee tables, storage units and accessories, all characterised by precise signs and exact proportions, essential volumes and precious details.
A tribute to the seductive power of design and the continuous search for new finishes and materials.
A composition that ranges across a variety of furnishing elements for the entire home, creating unique and customised solutions that meet the latest trends in contemporary living.
Furnishings that speak of comfort and beauty capable of merging past, present and future, becoming an integral part of our lives.
Clear and rigorousA touch of personality with the choice of a layout that provides different heights and offers an elegant yet informal allure, enhancing a propensity to create a rigorous and sober silhouette.
A perfect example of a contemporary dialogue between formal and clean lines, where the skill of crystal workmanship blends with the search for new, innovative, predominantly handmade finishes and the exploration of new techniques applied to different materials.

The statuesque upholstery, with clear lines and a few essential curves, imposes itself in the room and becomes the protagonist of the room. Tradition and modernity in a striking one-piece sofa.
Neutral and versatile nuances create a sophisticated and timeless atmosphere. Light-coloured upholstery that never tires and allows you to play with accessories and contrasting elements while creating cosy, feminine, delicate and ergonomic environments.

Playful and light

Playing with combinations of warm and cool colours gives rise to trendy compositions. Materials that give a feeling of joy, intense colours that give the room lightness.
For those who love colour, the choice could be furniture in different styles, carefully chosen, with shades that stimulate conviviality in the room. A house discovers its most playful and freshest essence through a warm-coloured sofa, which takes on an identity value by allowing different elements to be freely combined to obtain infinite solutions, adapting to different space requirements. A fluid living room is the perfect solution for those looking for a space that doesn't go unnoticed, but at the same time creates elegant and refined corners. 
Dedicated to an attentive and demanding public looking for novelty, refined form and precious materials.

The Gallotti&Radice collection is  composed of pieces with a unique personality and  strong identity, capable of characterizing interior projects and expressing different moodsProposals for a contemporary, cool, fashionable  way of living where fine materials and essences are  used overlapping and mixing styles and tradition to address with glamorous ingredients to an  increasingly wide audience.

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