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Dainelli Studio

Leonardo Dainelli born in Pisa in 1971.
During his studies in Florence he explores arts and design, he focus on painting and his first furnishings projects. Once he concluded the academic studies he starts collaborating with companies in the furniture industries, collaborations that will become the core business of the firm.

Business trips inspire Leonardo to take a path toward interior design; path that brings him to met Marzia, Milan based architect that became his partner even in life. Together they founded Dainelli Studio in 2007.
The firm unites and combines the skills and characteristic of both of them in interior and industrial design respectively.

The studio is currently working in Pisa and Milan in interior design, art direction and collaborates with prestigious furniture design companies of Made in Italy and luxury living like Frag, Fratelli Boffi, Daytona Home, Arketipo, Fendi Casa and Aston Martin.

The trait of Dainelli studio favors the use of craftsmanship, precious materials and clean lines, mixed with international esthetics and the reference of Italian industrial design masters.
The ability to approach both the architectural and the product scale, peculiarity of Marzia and Leonardo different point of view, helps designing every aspect of the project of public and private spaces from custom furniture to the total look of an habitat.

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